Psicon delivers a wide range of spare parts, from parts to be used for highs speed pumps & compressors as well as parts used on steam turbines.
We supply parts like: complete pump gearboxes, pistons, piston rods, crankshafts, complete rotors, impellers, thrust discs, diaphragms, tilting pad bearings,

All parts are designed and manufactured in Europe.

Psicon supplies parts and services for almost any OEM and is unique is fast response time, quick delivery times and competitive pricing.

Compressor & Pump spare parts

We hold a large inventory of new replacement, original and reconditioned spare parts.

Sundyne/Sunflo pumps & compressors parts

Psicon supplies almost any part for use on Sundyne® & Sunflo® pumps or compressors.

Field Services & Training

Our service department can be reached 24/7 ensuring a fast deployment of our experienced service engineers.

Strategic Consultancy

We support you to anticipate, plan for, and manage the dramatic swings that characterize the oil and gas market.

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning

Psicon has a modern reverse engineering department supported by state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools and capabilities. We can reverse engineer any part of your reciprocating compressor or turbo machinery.

Contact Psicon

For more information about our products and services, please contact us.

Manufacturing capabilities

Our workshop has all the CNC equipment to machine large cylinders, rotors, turbine and compressor housings etc.