Compressor & Pump spare parts

Psicon delivers a wide range of spare parts, from parts to be used for Sundyne® or Sunflo® pumps & compressors to parts used on steam turbines. For larger turbo machinery equipment Psicon has reverse engineering capabilities to design and manufacture almost any part against the highest quality standards.

We supply parts like: pistons, piston rods, crankshafts, complete rotors, impellers, thrust discs, diaphragms, tilting pad bearings, Psicon manufactures rotating and stationary blades for compressors and steam turbines.

Please also check our cylinder manufacturing capabilities.
All parts are designed and manufactured in Europe.

We have the capabilities to repair rotors for any brand or OEM.
Besides repair we also can upgrade the rotors for better performance.

Psicon supplies parts and services for almost any OEM and is unique is fast response time, quick delivery times and competitive pricing.

Turbo Machinery Spare Parts

For multistage turbines, axial & radial compressors, integral compressors, gear compressors, expanders, blowers etc we have supplied most of the parts like impellers, thrust discs, diaphragms, tilting pad bearings, seal strips, etc.
We have supplied spares for manufacturers like: ABB, AEG Kanis, Alstom, Atlas Copco, Delaval, Demag, Dresser Rand, Elliott, Fuji, Man Turbo, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Sulzer, Thermodyn

In addition we supply parts for the following equipment:

Single Stage Steam Turbines:
Coppus, Dresser Rand, Dean Hill, Elliott, Terry, Worthington and more.

Ingersoll Rand Centac, Cooper, Sundyne and more.

Reciprocating Compressors

We supply parts for the following equipment: Ariel, Ajax, Cooper, Cooper Bessemer, Superior and more. In addition, we will make all capital parts for any piston compressor required. For example: cylinders, pistons, piston rods, crankshafts, connecting rods, crossheads, crosshead shoes, liners, etc. Besides supplying the parts we can also improve and or modernize the parts. We have designed improved parts for the following compressors: Borsig, CKD, Dresser Rand, NEA, SUMY, Thomassen, etc

Stationary and rotating blades

Psicon designs their own stationary and rotary blades for use in:

  • axial and radial compressors
  • steam turbines
  • blade carriers

We manufacture the following blades:

  • GE-CO blades
  • Diaphragm blades
  • Ccast and microcast blades
  • Baffle rings available complete of in sections
  • Geothermal blades
  • ”CURTIS” type blade
  • Triple blade assemblies
  • Blades, originally cast, obtained from a bar having maximum length of 1400 mm.

We can use any type of blade rooth design. We will also happy to advice you on what blade rooth will be most suitable for your application.

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