Magnetic Filtration Solutions

Psicon is the market leader in the supply of magnetic filter solutions for the energy and the oil & gas industry. The Psicon Magnetic Separation Systems are based upon bespoke magnet separator elements consisting of rare earth magnets. The magnets we use are the most powerful non-electric magnets available on the market today. The magnetic separator elements have the ability to extract and trap ferrous contamination to submicron levels in all type of gasses and liquids.

Applications where our magnetic filtration solutions are used:

  • Fuel gas filtration
  • Gas Filtration (Black Powder)
  • Gas sweating applications (Amine systems)

Psicon has invented the famous CYCMAG filters combining tangential cyclones with magnetic filter. An unique and powerful all compassing gas filtration solution.

Every magnetic filter will be designed specifically for the required application. We can select combination filters (with cyclone, etc.), duplex filters and self-cleaning filter installations. Most of our filter designs are confirmed by state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis ensuring the best ferrous particle filtration possible. The Psicon magnetic filters have negligible pressure loss ensuring the best throughput compared to any other filter solution.

Benefits of the Magnetic Filter

  • The removal of the ferrous material contamination will significantly reduce the erosion factor
  • Removal of ferrous material will improve product purity, and quality.
  • Simple design and application
  • Very low operations cost (no spare parts required)
  • Negligible pressure loss
  • 10+ year life-time


The CYCMAG is a unique two-phase filter combining magnetic and non-magnetic particles separation system by combining tangential cyclones and magnetic separators within one filter vessel.


The Cycmag separation process has unique features above the conventional separation of magnetic solid particles. All large and small magnetic particles are removed from the gas stream by the tangential cyclones and the magnet filters remove all remaining magnetic particles.

The benefits of combining cyclone filters magnetic filters within one filter vessel are numerous:

  • Long time in between cleaning
  • OPEX reduction
  • Less maintenance
  • Limited pressure loss over the filter


No spare parts required for CYCMAG™

Black Powder filtration / Gas pipe line filtration

Psicon has designed a unique range to filter the black powder from gas pipelines. Gas pipelines quite often have serious problems with ferrous particles. Ferrous particles due to erosion, condition of the pipe line but also the gas parameters itself. Current and traditional filtration systems (cartridge / cyclones) are not ideal for filtering these types of particles. This is due to the size of the particles and the amount of particles.
The Psicon black powder filters are dedicated filter systems ensuring world’s best filtration of ferrous particles from gas lines.


  • Most efficient filter system designed for the dedicated removal of Black Powder
  • Ability to remove Black Powder in all forms and shapes wet or bone dry
  • Use as stand-alone filtration system but also in combination with all other filter systems available on the market today
  • Low operations cost
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 10+ years life-time

Gas Sweetening Installations

Psicon offers magnetic filtration solutions for gas sweetening (Amine) systems to control amine foaming. Our magnetic filter installations can be used as a stand-alone filtration system but also in combination with any other filter systems available on the market today.


  • Use as stand-alone filtration system but also in combination with all other filter systems available on the market today
  • Filtration of particles smaller than 1 micron in size
  • Environmental filtration system
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 10+ years life-time

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning

Psicon has a modern reverse engineering department supported by state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools and capabilities. We can reverse engineer any part of your reciprocating compressor or turbo machinery.

Manufacturing capabilities

Our workshop has all the CNC equipment to machine large cylinders, rotors, turbine and compressor housings etc.

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