Psicon was awarded the contract to design, manufacture & install large magnetic filters for Shells’ floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) Prelude, located in South Korea. The Prelude is the largest offshore facility ever constructed.

Psicon BV designs and manufactures unique & bespoke magnetic filtration solutions with extraordinary benefits over traditional filters.

For the Prelude cooling water system, Psicon designed large custom build magnetic filter cartridges. Each magnetic filter cartridge consisted of specially designed flow control devices from synthetic materials to maximize cooling water flow past the magnetic filters. The units were designed to allow for easy installation and simple cleaning. These filters do not require filter cartridges to be replaced regularly and do not have significant pressure loss (delta P) over the filters.

Psicon is the world’s first company who has installed large magnetic filters on board of a FLNG. In total 3x units were installed for the 45.000 m3/hrcooling water system.

The magnetic filters were put in operations in November 2016 and the filter performance has been outstanding ever since.

In just 1 week the magnetic filter collected more than 3 kg of ferrous materials (Fig 2). Particles from chunk size to sub micron size.

Fig.1: Operations/Process engineer training Fig.2: Filter Inspection after 1 week operations

The Psicon magnetic filters are used in gas treatment systems (to reduce foaming), in gas distribution filter stations (black powder filtration), on FPSO’s, FLNG’s and refineries. If you would like to receive more information: